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I'm a lover, not a fighter...

11th March, 2008. 12:24 am. *faints*


Current mood: excited.

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17th January, 2008. 6:10 pm. Come ON!

Just when I found a band I was really excited about that I thought would be a sweet indie band that I could revel in MTV snatches them up and plays their $5 video. UGH!

Vampire Weekend's new self-titled album doesn't even come out til next week and they are already playing their first single and video on MTV. This bums me out. I mean I have a feeling the normal youths that watch MTV won't actually dig them, at least not for long, but still. I hate the idea of going to their show and being surrounded by a bunch of MTV-watching douches.

/pretentious rant

Also, I've been majorly sick the last 3 days and I feel like utter crap. I hate that I've used two of my 4 paid sick days from work within the first month of the year. Now I'll only have 2 left to use on days I really just have a hangover :(

Current mood: sick.

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8th January, 2008. 5:54 pm. So today I was driving by this park...

I was driving by this park that is near the neighborhood I am assigned to for work. It's notorious in Brandon for being an all-black neighborhood. Anywho, I was driving by the park at 4PM and the lot was packed with cars. When I looked over I noticed about 30 black people ALL dancing and joking around. It looked like fun. I wish white people were this careless and silly.

Current mood: jealous.

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4th January, 2008. 5:52 pm. Best (potential) mother

Weird. On that whole Facebook function where you compare friends I was voted "Best (potential) mother." WTF. I need to know who thinks that of me so I can question them.

Current mood: confused.

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6th December, 2007. 9:47 pm. You will never believe what I am doing tomorrow

First let me start off by saying I absolutely love my fucking job, it is so ridiculously easy and satisfying at the same time. That being said...tomorrow I am shadowing a woman who I was informed is working in the nudist community. That's right. Tomorrow I will be walking door-to-door at a nudist colony. Filled with older people and their old balls and old titties hanging out....I find it hilarious and creepy at the same time, but my god I should have some sweet stories to tell by tomorrow night.

Current mood: excited.

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3rd December, 2007. 9:12 am. Nolan's 1st Birthday party

Here is my nephew Nolan at his 1st birthday party smacking the shit out of his birthday cake!


LOL, he looks so damn cute; he's a very happy baby. But it's a little weird to watch him because he's obviously not Autistic. I remember at Parker's 1st Birthday party when we gave him his little smash cake he just stared at it :( Oh well, both boys are happy and doing great and are coming on Wednesday! I'm so excited.

Current mood: chipper.

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26th November, 2007. 10:36 pm. because the world is round, it turns me on

So today I found out another couple I set up is getting married. I don't know what it is, but since my teens I have set up an insane amount of couples, and usually they are the ones that lasted years (if they didn't go further than that). This is I think at least the 3rd couple I set up that has become engaged. There's two other couples I know of that are right at engagement basically. What IS that though? I also just randomly started checking girls facebook pages that I went to HS with...and I almost fainted at the fact that literally the first 3 girls I clicked are engaged-some younger than me. WTF is going on, ahhhhh.

I should be an old Jewish woman in the early 20th century.

In other news, Mona is now staying with my parents and I am sad :(

Current mood: annoyed.

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26th November, 2007. 10:01 am. I have to choose

I feel so awful right now. Ever since I started my new job I'm gone from 8am to usually 6:30pm or so. When I get home I find that Mona has almost always shit on the carpet, even though I made sure she went in the morning on her walk before I left for work. On Friday Eli made the mistake of leaving the trashroom door open a smidge and not only did she get in..oh no, she turned over the trashcan that was full, opened the back and spilled and dragged everything all over the carpet.

Basically she's acting out because she's upset. Mona has always been extremely temperamental but we've all discussed that she's almost too dumb to understand when she's bad. Whenever she's done anything wrong in the past we've disciplined her and she'd just has those big dumb doe eyes looking back up at you, just sitting a foot away for a few minutes. Sometimes she doesn't even stay away from you, sometimes she sits right next to you wagging her god damned tail because she just loves everyone too much.

Anyway, I don't know what to do. I know that this is most likely a phase until she gets adjusted to my new hours, but how long? Derek already knows I feel bad because I don't want him to be really mad about it (even though I know he has a right to) and he at least understands. Everyone says to lock her in her cage but Mona was never "crate trained" as a puppy and so when you put her in her cage now she will literally scream the whole time and when I get home she will be in a panic, usually she poops because she's so upset about being locked up. Plus, I hate the idea off her being locked up for 10 hours. So what is happening? Well my parents are very willing and telling me to just let her live with them.

I'm sure most poeple in my position would say "sweet!" and throw her at them and be glad they no longer have to come home early from nights out to let their dog out...but I just feel so bad. I love Mona, she's my little girl whether I can't stand her at times or not. So I'm hanging with my mom today and bringing Mona and I'm not sure what to do :(

Current mood: confused.

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19th November, 2007. 6:32 pm. annoyed rant of the day

Yesterday I went to hang out with my mom and we decided to grab some lunch. We sat down and before our food came out our waiter, a young guy, kind of interrupted us and was staring at me. He said, "You went to Durant, right?" At first I didn't think much of this because I'll be honest, I've seen a lot of people since HS that remember me and I don't remember them at all. But yeah, I looked at him and he did look kind of familiar. He went on to say "Yeah! You're Nicole Elswick, right? I was friends with Neal Fulton." Neal was my HS boyfriend that I still to this day get asked about by people. I played along feeling guilty that I didn't have a clue what his name was and said "Oh yeah, how have you been?" He says good and follows with "So do you still see Neal!?" Bleh. I said no and then he laughed and said "Yeah, that guy hasn't changed a bit." Which means he's still a fucking loser, lol.

I don't know, it's just weird to me to think how different I am since highschool and how I never even think about Neal anymore, but when I see people from my past that's ALL they talk about. I hate that we were that "it" couple I hate that when I go to my 10 year reuninon people will probably still be talking about him and I. Random annoying rant for the day

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13th November, 2007. 12:36 am. I'm an adult

So today was my first day at Bright House. Now keep in mind we are in training for 3 weeks, but still, the first day was exciting. So I get there and luckily find the little conference room. Now there's only two other people training with me for the same positions. One is this little 40 year old single white mom, who I like. The other is this 45 year old tall black man. This guy, Don, is the most annoying kind of person on the planet in my opinion. And that is the guy who asks not only every fucking question known to man without letting the person finish explaining shit, but worse-asking questions we ALL know good and well aren't to be answered by the person explaining things. Basically, this guy kept asking our trainer who from the beginning stated she just follows this huge booklet of info and that the next two weeks would be based on our technical training in the field. Those are going to be the people who answer major questions about our job in general, but of course he had to ask if we would get Bright House sweaters and notepads, or what Bright House was doing to help people communicate long distance over the internet via webcam (like Skype). Just real bullshit questions. By 1pm (lunch) I could tell our trainer, who had started out extremely chipper and good natured, was sucking down cigarettes and looking like she wanted to kill me for even walking by her during her break. We ended up being technically behind schedule and that made me pissed.

The good parts of the day however were just the times when our boss came in to answer a few questions for us. We get fitted tomorrow for our uniforms. Oh yes, we wear uniforms and I am so stoked. We get khaki jeans & shorts and 11 polo's. We're allowed to wear Bright House baseball caps if we want. And they dry clean all the uniforms for you for free, you just drop them off and get them the next day :) Also, we went a lot over competition and it was kind of sweet because I sold DirecTV, so the trainer actually let me explain for about 5 minutes what I knew; the advantages/disadvantages, etc. Anywho, more of this training will be taking place all week and hopefully I will make it. I'm actually exhausted and going to try and go to sleep for the earliest time in along time. Waking up at 7:20 is not fun :(

Current mood: drained.

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